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Gankay Archer by Saurus Gankay Archer by Saurus
His name has turned to Ylgan Tyelwe, or just Gan for shorts, and he'll definetly be participating in an RPG of a good friend of mine :)


Name: Ylgan Tyelwe. Many of his friends of other races have given him the nickname Gan to refer to both his name and species. Hence he often introduces himself as such to other non-Gankay.

Species: The Gankay are a relatively young species, though they are as far spread across the Milky Way Galaxy as most other species. They stand just short of seven feet on average, their leather like skin coloured varying shades of yellow. While their internal anatomy in most ways resembles that of humans, part for the differences that mark them as herbivores, the most notable external physical differences include the build of their feet, their hands counting only four fingers, the tail, and of course the shape of their skull. The horns extending from the back of their head are in fact hollow bones and are part of their nasal track. Through these horns the Gankay can produce resonating trumpeting sounds of varying pitch and tone. Archaeologists and historians believe these noises were originally used as mating calls, though the social and cultural evolution of the race has long surpassed this use. In modern days, the Gankay songs are used primarily in the practice of their religion, or simply as a form of art.

Curious and explorative by nature, they where quick to develop space faring, and just as quick to adopt whatever new technology they came across. They’ve had friendly relations with most races they’ve come across thus far, and the little strategic and economic value the few planets the Gankay inhabit offers has ensured that those species with more violent notions of expansionism have never deemed them important enough to drag them into war directly. All the same, the Gankay have several standing armies that have often supported allies in major conflicts. Relations with the Terran Empire are currently neutral, with a healthy dose of scepticism lingering between them. The Empire and the Gankay have opposed each other on several occasions throughout history, but the last such conflict has already passed by a few generations.

Religion and traditions form a large part in Gankay society, so infused in their daily life that to them it is simply a way of living. By far the most wide spread form of religion they practice is called Yiushin, the worshipping of the Spirit Element. The second largest religion amongst Gankay, if only counting a small percentage, is Alck’Almar originating from the Tebrin race, closely followed by Christianity introduced by the Empire. Regardless of the religion they follow however, every single Gankay without exception will follow two specific traditions, namely the Rite of Dawn -a five to fifteen minute meditation every morning at dawn that includes low key chanting- and the Celebration of Life, an annual celebration in which all Gankay on every planet will gather in massive congregations and chant in perfect unison and dance for as long as they have the breath to do so. These traditions stem from the Yiushin, but it is as much a part of the Gankay culture as it is of their religion, and non will pass on it if they have half a choice in the matter.

Physical Description: Although to humans all Gankay would look identically the same, there is plenty of variety amongst the Gankay species. As for Ylgan, he is slightly taller then the average Gankay, meaning he stands just over seven feet. It’s not uncommon, but enough to make him stand out in a Gankay crowd. His features are slightly stumped, his complexion is a bit darker then average and his horns have a soft bend in them; All features that distinct him from the next Gankay.

Mental Description: Gan, like any other member of his race is curious and explorative by nature. He seeks out new horizons whenever given the opportunity, and does not shy away from adventure. He’s very independent and well capable of fending for himself. He manages to get out most situations through diplomatic means, facilitated by the fact that Gankay have fairly good relations with most species to begin with, and are known for being trustworthy. Should diplomatic means fail however, Gan can turn very violent as far as Gankay go. He has little quarrel with eliminating those that would hurt or harm him or his friends. He remains very cool under the prospect of killing those that would oppose him and hinder his mission. While of course all Gankay Scouts are trained to do exactly that, Gan excels in the self control he exercises in even the most extreme situations.

Under more pleasant circumstances, Gan can be a very likable fellow, willing to laugh and joke, or indulge in idle chatter. He has a relaxed demeanour about him that puts people at ease, and is always willing to lend a listening ear. He’s always willing to learn new secrets.

History: Gan was born on Ilth, the Gankay home planet, and lived out a fairly non-descript childhood in the planet capitol, raised by his caring parents. Even in his childhood he displayed a great deal of control over his emotions, managing often to bluff himself out of a situation where he pulled some kind of mischief. After he graduated he joined the Gankay military, intend on joining the GEG (Gankay Explorer Guild), a department of the military specialized primarily in exploration and, less officially, espionage. Driven by his desire to venture out in to space and find his own way through the galaxy, he completed his training with little effort, receiving a mark of recommendation from his superiors.

Now, after several months in the guild and having completed enough missions to entrust him with more delicate operations, he was notified by the guild of a Terran transmission detailing the location of an unidentified artificial satellite. While lacking some experience, he was the closest agent the guild had to the satellite’s location, and deemed him capable enough to carefully investigate the matter while other Scouts were on route.

Equipment: Gan wears all the standard equipment of a scout, meaning he dons a Gankay Scout Armour. This armour, while appearing to be a simple metallic suit shaded a dark red, has the inherent ability to distort light that falls on it, causing it to slightly blend in with its surrounding. While inferior to actual cloaking body armour, it has the advantage of not needing a power source, as well as being cheaper and less heavy. The armour can take considerable amount of punishment, though it won’t survive a blaster shot from close proximity.
Concealed within the armour are several compartments that can hold rations and ammunition. Currently Gan has with him enough food pills to last him two months and plenty of AME arrow parts that can quickly be assembled on the spot.
Also on his person are a flash light, electronic lock picks, and a miniature sound and frequency jammer.

A little out of the ordinary, Gan uses an EPPL Gankay Compound Bow with AME arrows as his primary weapon. While this type of bow can propel a projectile at phenomenal speeds up to great distances, it suffers the disadvantage that its accuracy and rate of fire depend entirely on the skill of its user. Hence the weapon is seldom put to use by any military force. It’s major advantage however is that the EPPL bow is the only weapon capable of launching the otherwise highly unstable Anti-Matter Explosive, or AME.
It should be noted that the AME arrows are infused with several chemicals while they are drawn on an EPPL bow. It is the ensuing reaction that causes the spontaneous creation of anti matter, meaning that the arrows are otherwise completely harmless safe for the few corrosive chemicals it contains. The AME arrow allows for three ways of usage. The arrow head has a protective cap mounted on it so that, if not removed before launch, the arrow can function like most any other arrow, with the advantage that the very minor release of anti-matter after launch allows it to penetrate fairly deep through most any type of armour not designed to withstand this type of technology. If the cap is removed before launch, the arrow head will emit considerable amounts of anti-matter upon impact, causing it to deeply penetrate just about every type of armour not specifically designed to withstand this type of technology. Finally, if the cap is removed and successively struck against a hard object, it will prematurely provoke the release of anti matter before the arrow is drawn on the EPPL bow. If the arrow is then drawn and infused before the chemical reaction burns itself out, the user has but a few seconds to release the arrow. The arrowhead will then set into an explosion of anti matter, consuming everything within a 30 foot radius in a perfect orb of blinding white destruction. Even in modern days, there is little that can survive this process, however it takes a considerable amount of skill to time the release of the shot, and most military factions have deemed the weapon too much of a risk to put it to use.

Gan is perfectly comfortable with it though, and uses it fairly indiscriminately.

Abilities: Trained as a Gankay Scout, Gan is knowledgeable in the ways of strategy and tactics and can handle most fire arms with considerable skill. His martial arts are somewhat rusty, but he has a considerable amount of raw strength in his muscles. Furthermore he is proficient in handling most software and electronics. He’s not a professional hacker, but comes close to it, and can hack his way into most computers not overtly protected, or bypass electronically sealed doors.

On a personal note, Gan is an excellent singer and greatly enjoys doing so, though he’ll not be quick to talk of it, let alone do so in front of others.

Ship: Gan is currently the proud owner of a Spirit named “Yiushin’s Grace”, a sleek and small vessel capable of transporting one person comfortably, and two people if crowdedness is no issue. The ship is designed for speed and stealth first, and everything else second. It offers the basic facilities needed for someone spending extended periods of time in space, but otherwise is stripped down to the bare minimum requirements of comfort. While it does not have cloaking technology, it has a powerful signal distorter, rendering it invisible to most radars, even those tracking its signal specifically. Combined with its minute size, a Spirit can enter and leave most destinations without ever being detected.

Support: Last reports stated more experienced Gankay Scouts were on route, but Gan neither knows who they are, how many are on their way, nor when they’ll arrive, or even if they’ll arrive before he concludes his mission.


I do like this drawing for a change. Line art's clean enough, coloration and lighting is nice. I got the comment it lacked drama, but it's a character design, so that's not realy an issue. Bonus points to however points out the major (emphasise on the major) reference I used for this drawing! As alwyas, everything but the lineart was done in photoshop 7.something. Enjoy!
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Generalflood Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010
The description is very thorough, nice work.
Saurus Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks mate! This was from back in the days I still used to roleplay online and was in the habit of drawing out my characters. Hence the lengthy character run-down. And double thanks for faving it to!
That-Kid-Flak Featured By Owner May 20, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
I hope we meet in-game :o
Saurus Featured By Owner May 21, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can't even recall with certainty which was the last time we've roleplayed together, so yes, I certainly hope so as well :p
NioTheDreamer Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2007
Its been a while since I was in an rpg. I kind of miss it. I think that is part of the reason I have been creating my dragons and other mythical creature drawings. A sort of mental break form my week.

Your character seems very calculation (a thing I know you like!) and maybe a bit rought around the edges. Well done my friend :)
Saurus Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You could ofcourse join another RPG; I'd love to roleplay by your side again. But wathever gets you to draw mythical figures is fine by me as well :D

And yes, I suppose my characters are calculating, though I never particularly plan them that way; it just sort of always happens :p
Kestus Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I quite like the design. The lightning arrow thing (is that right? lol) is pretty cool, too! :D
Saurus Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, though I can't really take credit for the design. I based it almost entirely on reference material. But I'm glad you liked it enough to fav it anyway :D and yeah, lightning arrow could fit the description. It's actually a normal arrow with an arrow head cramped full of chemicals. When the safety cap is removed, the chemicals start to mix, displaying this odd phenomenon. Or so my explanation goes :)
Kestus Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem. The chemicals idea sounds cool. :D
Ageaus Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2007   Traditional Artist
Saurus Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gosh! :D
BenFleming Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2007
Good work. ^^ Definately a cool design.
Saurus Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! That's what I was aiming for :)
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